And then, there were two

January 25, 2011 at 4:30 pm (Uncategorized)

“Do you remember the music you gave me?”

The question strikes a chord, just not a terribly precise one. I do remember giving music, quite a lot of it. But as to the music that I gave to just that one person…well, wouldn’t it be silly to tie certain songs to a certain person? Wouldn’t that be ridiculous to let a mix of words and melodious sounds wake certain emotions within ourselves? But then again, don’t we do that anyway?

I hunted down songs today. It doesn’t sound terribly impressive, but it was a fun job as I could never be bothered to remember the titles of most of the songs that I truly love. The reason is that now and again, they get forgotten. The folder that all of them inhabit lies abandoned in a corner, deep within a folder within another folder and nobody visits. Alone within their own four digital walls, they  lie in wait and now and then, a visitor drops by again.

Maybe it’s an over-poetic vision of how these things happen. Maybe it’s not important to them at all and they are just programs, standing there and waiting for no one in particular. Or maybe Tron’s right and each program is a little bit of its creator that was sent deep within a tiny digital dimension. Or maybe it’s just nostalgia talking. Does it really matter though?

Me, I don’t think it does. As I am sitting here, in a room that I had no idea that I’d be living in two years ago, I have to say that things have changed. New people have appeared, some of the old ones have disappeared down their own less traveled roads and I’m listening to music that fits a perfect moment in a Tolkien movie. Whistles and pianos join forces in song, sinking everything around them in a peaceful melancholy. And then my memory skips, a small trip takes place and I find myself up On Melancholy Hill. *hint, hint*

It’s a brand new year, even though it’s taken me awhile to notice it. And I’m pretty sure that it will bring along its own adventures as we’ll grow up together and 21 year old me will slowly make his walk to that old cafe that I once wrote about, casually sitting down in a corner as 22 takes the reins. One thing’s for certain, this year…I’ll learn to make a few less mistakes in the kitchen and probably become well versed in dealing with the lovely people in the food poisoning ward at the nearest hospital. But that’s another story. *grabs hat and cane from a corner*

For now, it’s time to change the tune and leave Middle Earth behind. Put on a smile and look at the…right, I was going to say at the sun but then a lovely fact about the weather hit me: it’s been raining today, quite a bit. So, put on a smile and look at a picture or at someone or something that you love. It could be chocolate, it could be that one person that you lost track of all those years ago and somehow, a small part of you still hopes that maybe, one day you’ll run into them again. Me, I’m gonna keep mine a secret…*playful smile* And finish this post before being accused of turning into an old fashion movie.

*turns off the lights and leaves typewriter behind*

Good day and good night! *locks the door behind*

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Ready, steady…

January 19, 2011 at 5:02 pm (mad hattery) (, , , )

…what was it again? Ah, yes.


Now, that may not make for a terribly motivating or intriguing first entry, but it’s a start. And that’s what’s important in every story. We’ve got middles, we’ve got endings and we’re all terribly fascinated by all of them. After all, that’s why we start reading a story, to get to all the good parts. Still, that’d never happen if the starting point wouldn’t charm us.

Whether it’s Gandalf lighting up fireworks for Bilbo’s final birthday in the Shire, or the captain of the Ketty Jay grumblingly refusing to part with the ignition codes for his airship, everything starts off with its own special umph, that lil’ thing that turns an idea into a Lil’ Engine that Could. And thus, we start reading on and on. And we don’t regret it.

We fly across pages, jumping from one word to another, skipping across letters.

We think that the story can charms us.

We give it our permission to enchant us with its characters and adventures.

Lovers kiss. Warriors fight. Detectives smugly do what detectives have done best since the start of their career’s glorious adventures. From pages to pictures, characters reach out to show us what it means to be in their world, in their place. And that’s why the beginning is important. Why it matters.

That’s why ‘GO!’ works as a beginning.

‘GO’ works because it hints at things to come. And most importantly, he wrote while grinning guiltily, it pulls at the sleeve until you’ve got no other choice but to follow. So hopefully, that’s what will happen. The blog will go, the words will tell stories and everybody will enjoy a piece of the show.

Now, down the rabbit hole we go. 😀

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